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His & Her Spa Day: Green Valley Spa

This month we sent our Explore writer and her husband to Explore something with a little pampering and romance. Usually, they are busy finding new trails and adventures in the red dirt of Southern Utah.
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Green Valley has been described as the “best mid-sized spa in America” (by Spa Finder Magazine), “among the best spas in North America” (by Conde Nast Traveler), and one of the Top 3 spas in the world (by Travel & Leisure). With all these incredible reviews, I had to see, for myself, what all the talk is about. To sweeten the deal, I let my husband tag along (okay I begged him) to give a male perspective of a spa day. Plus, we can always use more time together, and this was the perfect excuse to turn in our hiking boots and spend a couple hours enjoying life in a world renowned spa.


When my wife approached me with the idea of attending a spa treatment at the Green Valley Spa, I was indeed very hesitant. Not only do I spend most of my time enjoying activities such as rock climbing, canyoneering, hiking, and anything else dirty, the thought of a man spending time in a spa went against every grain in my body. The most attention I have ever given the Green Valley Resort is a quick glance as I drive past it on route to one of my favorite climbing spots. I have heard a lot about the spa and their world class treatments, so reluctantly and nervously, I agreed to go to the spa with my wife.

Upon arriving my apprehensions weren’t entirely dispelled. Everything I envisioned about a spa was unfolding in front of me. It is obvious that the spa caters to a more feminine environment, and rightfully so. The spa is all about celebrating the natural beauty of the persons attending, and woman, by nature, are much more beautiful than their counterparts. Despite my continued apprehensions, I set foot in the bath and all previous concerns were erased as the spa treatment took my body and mind to a state of pure relaxation. The spa attendants themselves were extremely professional and took the time to ensure that my comfort and relaxation were their first priority.

I had the Pearl Skin Polish which involved a massage with a Sand exfoliant, massage, and bath. The treatment itself was an agreeable and relaxing experience. I soon found myself lost in world of indulgence—forgetting all the troubles life piles on every day.

As a man, I reluctantly went to the spa, but found it to be an experience I will not soon forget. Although, I still believe most treatments are catered toward woman, there are plenty of treatments that are fit for men. Who says no to a massage? Although I may have sacrificed my man card, I would gladly do it again! And any man looking to relax should also consider doing the same for a day at the spa.


I knew that Nate was a little apprehensive about a spa day, but I had good reasons for being excited, they are 2 ½ and 9 months and mom needs a break! We headed to the Green Valley Spa for a little R&R. We began our spa experience with a couple’s bath. In a candle lit room, we bathed in Indigo Fairy Dust bath salts. The gentle aroma infused the room and soaked into my tired muscles. We had a nice time talking about our day and exchanging stories. Then it was on to the treatments! We parted ways to our respective rooms.


I opted for the Rapunzel’s Secret Hot Oil Treatment, one of Green Valley’s many signature treatments. During the spring and summer months this particular treatment takes place in the luxurious spa garden. It was a little cold for that, so I had my treatment in a nice warm dimly lit room. Calming music played as the spa attendant worked a shampoo lather into my hair to cleanse all product from it. Then she added some warm oil and proceeded to massage my scalp. It was glorious! After she completed the hot oil treatment, she wrapped warm towels around my head to let the oil soak in for thirty minutes. The oil is designed to rehydrate, strengthen and detoxify the hair shaft and scalp.

Rapunzel Treatment

While I waited for the oil to work its magic, she gently massaged my head, neck, and shoulders with a specialized cream called Radiance. Even the product names are uplifting. I told the spa attendant that my feet were a little achy from a day in stilettos, and she used a special Muscle Balm that is way better than Icy Hot to relieve my muscles. Seriously it tingled and warmed my feet for a couple hours afterwards. It was like walking with heat pads in my shoes. I left the treatment feeling rejuvenated. I was actually hoping it would never end. But alas all good things must.

A Unique Product of St. George

Green Valley Spa product

Green Valley Spa is world renowned for its exemplary products and pleasant atmosphere. While the day at the spa was just what this mommy and daddy needed, many people do not realize that Green Valley Spa has its own skin care laboratory where products are created specifically for their treatments. And these products are fit for males and females alike.

Alan and Carole Coombs started the Green Valley Spa with the goal to make people feel completely different on the inside and out. With the help of their children, they’ve been able to see the dream become a reality. Their daughters, Laura and Cristin, co-own the lab and their sons, Randy and Eric, are a chemist and botanist who helped design the products. In a combined effort this family worked to bring the healing power of the desert to everyone searching for relief.

The spa’s holistic approach is designed to restore guests emotionally and physically, and most of this is accomplished with their specially designed and unique product line. There are three deserts that converge in St. George: the Mojave, Sonoran, and Great Basin. This desert convergence creates a productive collection of juniper, sage, creosote and other essential plant products. The plants are nurtured by rain, sunlight, and other natural elements only. There are no pesticides or chemicals and none of the products are pharmaceutical; they are natural. The plant life in this area is found to be more potent than other areas, causing the Green Valley Lab products to more effectively and efficiently provide healing to weary patrons. According to the Green Valley website: “Every product [they] offer is handmade using only the finest, natural ingredients to ensure [the] products are safe and effective. [They] personally test every batch before it is allowed to be shipped to ensure the product is the best it can be, and of course all of this is done in a safe and clean environment.”

The spa products created in the lab are essential to every treatment because the source of their holistic power is all natural. The products tap the source of nature’s wealth of healing powers, including antibacterial and moisturizing properties, to provide a calm and healing experience for guests. For 26 years, the Green Valley Spa has been working to spread the gift of the desert and after experiencing the Rapunzel hair treatment, I hope they continue harvesting desert plants for many years to come.

For more information about Green Valley Spa visit their website http://www.greenvalleyspa.com/. If you’re interested in testing out the product Green Valley Spa and Lab host a Christmas sale. The sale starts on the first weekend of December and runs for one week. The products are sold for a reduced price for the Christmas season. It’s a great way to create a spa atmosphere in your own home.

Currently Green Valley Spa and Resort holds the only 4 diamond accommodations in southern Utah


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